But what is it, travel psychology?

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Maybe I started a bit too excited with my introduction and first blogpost. I decided to dive right in instead of thinking it through a bit further and providing you with additional background information. Because that is me; spontaneous. Sometimes a bit impulsive. That’s why you might find some spelling mistakes from time to time (yes, I can use this personality trait as an excuse!) But it’s truly how I am though. If a new, adventurous opportunity arises, I would grab it with both hands the minute it does… And then I’ll start to think about it and realize maybe it’s not such a great idea…
I experience this in every aspect of my life. When I see something tasty to eat, I can’t control myself. When I see somebody juggling or slacklining, I want to learn it too! These two last things are two examples of things I did stick with. Most of the time, I get excited for a few moments, maybe days and then I rationalize it and put the enthusiasm aside. I can’t seem to find the time and courage to actually go through with it. So while I am impulsive in my reactions, I overthink everything. And in the end, I take very little action and sometimes end up regretting this.

Whoa, I planned to just write about travel psychology and what it entails. And suddenly I’ve spread some of my personal struggles all over the internet. It’s okay though. This blog will be a result of questions and difficulties that come from my own experiences, linked to travel and combined with research in order to try to find an explanation or some advice. Now that we’ve got this out of the way: what is travel psychology?

This blog will be a result of questions and difficulties that come from my own experiences, linked to travel and combined with research in order to try to find an explanation or some advice.

You would assume that the internet would be able to give me a clear explanation. But of course, like in all other aspects of psychology, it’s not that clear. You could say travel psychology is a specialized branch of social psychology that focuses on developing knowledge about how our minds and behavior interacts and influences our travel activities and the other way around. The topics of research in this area are very broad. There has been studies to assess how our personalities change while studying abroad and even how the personalities from those people going abroad were already different from the start than from the people who never took this step. There’s loads of research showing how we get more humble, more creative by discovering different places and how travel has positive effects on both our personal and our work-life! 

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustave Flaubert

But I’m not only interested in the positive, happy stuff. The ideas that keep swarming inside my head aren’t always happy ones. Most of the time there are frustrations and insecurities. Why can’t I make the big step to move to a different country? Why am I afraid to travel alone? Why am I always getting the feeling that I’m missing out? Even though research on these topics is way less evident, I’ll try my best to search the internet, look into my own mind and the minds of fellow travelers and try to create the best answer possible.

For now, I’m going to leave you here! I’ll be back soon with a report of my trip to Porto! Please leave a comment if you have questions, comments or if I have made stupid spelling or grammar mistakes!




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  • Interesting! In the last few days I developed agoraphobia once I arrived to Porto from Milan (I flew from Milan to Lisbon via Brussels then trained to Porto). I found myself somewhat fearful also in Milan when I was on my own just because I was staying not in the center of the city and that made me somehow feel unsafe.

    • Hi Hannah! How are you feeling today? I know that a new city can feel overwhelming! Especially when you’re alone or don’t know your way around. Fortunately, Porto is a rather small city where even I could find my way after a few days! And the people are very friendly and it wasn’t too busy when I visited. I’m hoping the anxiety might go away once you settle in! Feel free to keep me updated if you want…

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