I’m Renate, the face behind UN(t)RAVELING THE MIND. Over the last 8 years I’ve developed a profound love and respect for two different topics: psychology and traveling.

I graduated two years ago as a Clinical Psychologist and I’m utterly fascinated by everything and anything on this planet. In this blog I combine my love for the human mind -and heart- with my passion for traveling, this world and its inhabitants. I’m on a quest to understand the motivators behind certain feelings and behaviors -like traveling-, while at the same time accepting that sometimes there is no explanation. I need to go out and see the world in order to add my personal experience to this research. On this blog you will find a snippet of the adventures I go on.

I’m also here to share my own story with my mental health and talk all about childhood trauma, mental illness and building your resilience.

Currently I’m working with children places out of their parental home, which definitely brings these topics to life.


Join me on my adventure into the unknown!

Love, Renate